Thursday, March 3, 2011


Despite my best intentions to feed my family awesome, healthy meals, somehow, whether because I was tired or the fact that I feel like I've been pregnant for four years straight, I lost the will to fight anymore and began making several different things for my kids instead of making just one meal for us to enjoy.

It's tiring. My food is always cold, I never get to eat with everyone else, and I'm fed up with enabling their pickiness, So, today begins our new adventure of expanding our palates!

There will be some challenges:
  • We are vegetarians. We do eat eggs and dairy products, but no meat. I won't get into why we don't eat meat or lecture anyone about dietary choices. Let's just say that if you are vegetarian or looking for some kid-friendly meatless dishes, welcome!
  • We live in a small town. A really small town. These need to be meals with easily found ingredients, organic and/or local when possible.
  • My son has soy and dairy allergies, so meals need to be allergy-friendly.
  • We are Dave Ramsey fans, and though I adore beans and rice, we'll be branching out a bit but still staying within our budget.
  • The greatest challenge by far will be working with (against) kids who are used to having their way.
The force is strong with this one, so using a good sense of humor, awesome powers of persuasion and even involving them in the process, I think I will succeed. OK, some of the time. Let the battle begin!

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